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Filing For Divorce In Washington County

Divorce means more than the end of a marriage. During your divorce proceedings, you and your spouse will make important decisions related to each person's assets, finances, right to receive spousal support, child custody rights and visitation schedules. These decisions will have a sweeping effect on your post-divorce life; it is important, therefore, that you get help from a skilled attorney to help you make the right choices.

I am attorney MariAnn Hathaway, and I have more than 20 years of legal experience here in Pennsylvania. I provide practical, straightforward legal advice that aims to place you in the best possible position after your divorce.

Filing For Divorce In Washington County? I Can Help.

Agreeing upon the division of marital assets is one of the key decisions you will have to make during the divorce. In dividing your assets, you will set the financial framework that you will be living in after the divorce is completed.

Often, spouses have very strong personal opinions surrounding the division of assets. You may wish to keep a piece of property, for example, or maintain control of a vehicle. When you come into my law office, I will work closely with you to determine which assets are important to you. Then, I will negotiate firmly to achieve an equitable division that fulfills your wishes.

Not all assets are worth fighting over. I can help you pick your battles, pursuing the assets that will put you in the strongest possible financial position.

Defending Your Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements can also come into play during a divorce. These documents simplify the divorce process by determining the division of assets in advance. In some cases, however, spouses attempt to have the prenuptial agreement ruled invalid by the court. If your spouse is challenging your prenuptial agreement, I can help you meet that challenge. I will aggressively defend your prenuptial agreement, helping ensure that it is upheld in court.

Contact A Skilled Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can easily turn into a difficult and acrimonious situation, especially in divorces that involve children. As your attorney, I will help you keep the divorce process civil as we push for an amicable settlement. If we cannot come to an agreement out of court, however, I will aggressively pursue your interests at trial.

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